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Onsite Wellness Programs are rapidly becoming a standard employee benefit, and WorkoutTemps is the best onsite fitness provider in the business. Our team of mobile fitness and wellness professionals deliver high-quality fitness, dance, and mindfulness sessions to any office environment, no gym required. We consider ourselves the “Recess” in your workday!

WorkoutTemps is a minority, woman-owned company based out of East Bay, California. We serve companies of all sizes nationwide with specialty fitness and dance instructors throughout the U.S mainland and Hawaii.  Many of our instructors are multi-lingual.  We take great pride in being a culturally-competent organization. Caring about people's wellness is our mission, our purpose, and our passion.

Meet Our Team


Nannette Vides 

Founder & CEO

Jessica Sarchett 

Chief Operating Officer

  Victoria B. Purdy 

 Instructor Intake Manager


Carah Herring

Account Executive

Anthony Garcia

Account Executive

Travis Masterbone

PTPS Wellness Director


Araceli Leyva

Social Media Manager Account Executive

Aylin Pashaian

Account Executive

Our dedicated team is trained to seamlessly manage the fitness needs of your workplace. They take the hassle out of the process. Organizing everything from class creation to scheduling with no gym or equipment necessary. They are able to pull from our diverse and qualified team of  WorkoutTemps instructors. WorkoutTemps is always expanding and looking for the best and most qualified instructors.

WorkoutTemps in your Workplace

In the 1980s, companies such as Google and Yahoo! were not yet established. The advance of technology in the workplace in the 1990s changed everything. We all benefit from and enjoy being able to instantly access information. The tech boom forever changed the way we conduct business as a society. And, now the manner in which we take care of our personal health is even available on demand. WorkoutTemps provides fitness and mindfulness sessions where and when you want them. Bringing workouts to the workplace is catching on and businesses and corporations large and small are benefiting from this movement.

Supplying dance and fitness instructors for companies contributes to positive work morale. A new sense of camaraderie in the workplace forms and everyone benefits from working out together as a team. When businesses and corporations establish a culture of health and wellness everybody benefits.

Some employers provide preventative healthcare by offering gym memberships as a company incentive. However, going to the gym is not for everyone. With WorkoutTemps there is a sense of accountability. WorkoutTemps instructor genuinely cares about the progress of an individual and their class as a whole. The employee instructor bond will help establish positive routines while creating a new lifestyle.

There are many benefits of bringing WorkoutTemps to your workplace. All too often we are rushing to work, trying to beat traffic, or hurrying to get to our trains on time and once we arrive home, there is still more hurry: preparing dinner, cleaning the house, and caring for children.  Often the nature of this schedule is rather daunting. There are only so many hours in a day and working out can be quite difficult to schedule into this busy lifestyle.

Participating in mindfulness sessions (yoga or mindful meditation classes) or an hour-long cardio class (Samba or Salsa) at work is an extremely effective way to add a daily workout into your life. WorkoutTemps offers over 50 different formats of fitness classes and mindfulness sessions and can bring the workout to your workplace today! Click here to read five great ways WorkoutTemps can better your workplace.

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