"I love how grateful our students are. I've taught at 'high end' fitness facilities where I felt under-appreciated by students, as though Fitness Instructors were just 'the help' Our students are always so excited that we've come to them, so grateful for classes, and seem to appreciate what we do so much. It feels so much more like I'm making a difference. "


WorkoutTemps is a leading onsite fitness provider that brings an array of fitness classes to the work place. We have contracts with corporations like Walmart, Kaiser, and August.com just to name a few. We aim to find the best instructors just like you to help us bring recess back!

Gone are the days of having to put your resume out to ten different studios. If you want to teach once a day, twice a day, once a week, or 10 times a week, the opportunities abound. You provide your own insurance, show us your certifications and we match you up with the classes.

Our instructors are known for providing the highest quality fitness and wellness classes while being punctual, dependable, personable, and professional. We have immediate positions available and we offer competitive pay.

The best part is that joining WorkoutTemps doesn't cost you a cent! It's absolutely free and there is no obligation. So you're thinking what's the catch right? There isn't one. When you submit your information one of our Account Executives will contact you to set up a phone interview. You'll send a short video to show your teaching style, submit your credentials, and once you're approved you'll be ready for your first corporate class!


You have the opportunity to bid and work on jobs that fit your lifestyle and schedule. Are you ready to become one of our select fitness partners?

Join our team of fitness professionals today!

"We don't just dance for fun and fitness, we dance for real life application. Knowing that my students know how to get the party started and keep the party going shows that I'm doing my job well."