Workplace fitness


Enjoying health and wellness activities with coworkers improves morale, performance, and company culture through the power of integrating how we live, work, and play.

Our goal is to make it easy for companies of any size to provide these amazing benefits to their employees.

We bring workouts to you 

WorkoutTemps provides flexible, innovative health and wellness programs with a diverse offering of classes to meet your company's specific needs.

We assist you in customizing a program that’s right for your staff. We provide employee surveys and sample schedules to help you create the right program for your workplace. We also offer personalized individual plans for each employee.

Once your program is designed we take the hassle out of the process for you by providing our certified instructors. They arrive at your workplace ready to lead a quality dance, fitness, and mindfulness classes for your employees. Our instructors are dependable, personable, and professional.

Class Categories



Abs Core
Cardio Kickboxing/Boxing
Floor Barre/Dance Conditioning
Strong by Zumba



Mindful Meditation
Mind Heart Move
T'ai Chi
Vinyasa Yoga
Hatha Yoga
Corporate Yoga



yoga-1994667_1920 (1)


R&B/Hip Hop Line Dance           Bachata
Salsa Dance                                   Belly Dance
Samba Shake Down                     Bolly X
U-Jam                                              Dance Hall
Zumba Fitness                               Caribbean Fusion

Sample Schedules

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Who Says RECESS is just for kids?

Whether daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly: let us bring recess to you. Guided mindful meditation or one of our many dance formats can be a great way for your meetings to incorporate a group activity for everyone to have fun!

What's Next


Ready to get started? Contact your WorkoutTemps representative and they will put you in touch with the Account Executive in your area. The Account Executive will assist you with custom pricing and will help you design a custom program for your company, one that's just right for your staff. They will provide you with a customized survey to help create the right program for your workplace. Once the results are in your work is done. They will provide you with customized scheduling options and top of the line instructors. What are you waiting for!? Let's bring recess back!