Enjoying health and wellness activities with coworkers improves morale, performance, and company culture through the power of integrating how we live, work, and play.

Our goal is to make it easy for companies of any size to provide these amazing benefits to their employees.




Stress is the #1 workplace risk costing US businesses $300,000,000 annually.




Depression costs United States businesses $52,000,000 annually in productivity and absenteeism.




A disengaged workforce is a top concern for CEOs and costs United States business $550,000,000 annually.


        What is the real return on investment for employee wellness programs? According to shrm.org every dollar invested in  intervention yields $6 in health care savings!



About Our Founder

WorkoutTemps founder Nannette Vides began to dance as soon as she could walk. She loves everything from Ballet to Ballroom, Salsa to Samba. Nannette is a native of San Francisco, a fitness entrepreneur, a dancer, ZUMBA® instructor, and businesswoman. With 40 years of dance teaching experience, Nannette has heard many reasons from her students and friends as to why they could not attend fitness classes. The most common excuse was, “I’m too busy to take the time to stay fit.” So Nannette decided to provide mobile workouts to busy people at their workplace to help alleviate this common problem, thus WorkoutTemps was born. Now, in addition to providing top of the line classes for businesses, Nannette prides herself on providing a fantastic work environment for fellow dance and fitness instructors while also nurturing the next generation of fitness professionals.

About the team

Meet the rest of the team and see some of the great companies who have already partnered with us to bring workouts to their workplace.